EtherCAT Conformance


May, 2013 - Copley Controls announces full EtherCAT comformance. Extensive and rigorous testing guarantees Copley drives can be seamlessly integrated into any EtherCAT network for the highest levels of performance.

The CAN (DS402) application layer over EtherCAT (CoE) is fully implemented. File transfer (FoE) is also supported. Cyclic Syncnchronous position, velocity and torque modes with distributed clocks deliver sub-┬Ásec drive synchronization.

Offering both servo & stepper drives in efficient, high power-density module and panel-mount packages, Copley has the solution for your EtherCAT system. DC as well as AC-powered drives are available in the 100W - 6kW power range. 2-axis drives significantly reduce cost per node.

Copley distributed control software makes system commissioning fast and simple. The development of low-level code to control the EtherCAT network is eliminated. All network management is accomplished with a few simple commands linked into your application program.

The Safe Torque Off capability of Copley drives eliminates expensive contactors and the complex wiring traditionally required in safety critical applications. Safe Torque Off provides two drive enable inputs facilitating system conformance to SIL 3 (IEC 61800-5-2) & Category 3 PLd (ISO 13849-1).